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About Nathan Studtmann

Nathan Studtmann grew up in Galena, IL and worked at a local golf resort in high school. This is where he decided to get into the golf business. In 2004 he graduated from Ferris State University's Professional Golf Management program. The following year he became a PGA Golf Professional.

Over the years Nathan has had the opportunity to work at many great golf facilities in Colorado, Arizona and Illinois. One of his stops was at an indoor golf instruction facility where he learned how to use technology in his lessons. He quickly learned that having technology to analyze video, body motion and ball data allows for you to dissect the students golf swing much quicker and it helps validate what you are teaching the student.

Nathan would move back home to take a teaching professional job at the golf resort he worked at in high school and to get back into his family's modular home building and real estate business. The golf resort he taught at had a little bit of technology he could use but all of his lessons were taught outdoors in the elements. Many of his lessons were cancelled due to the weather and he did not have a place to teach in the winter. He knew there had to be a better way to teach, so this is when he started combining his family's modular home business with his passion for golf. He began designing modular golf studios that would house all the technology for golf instruction, club fitting and simulation use.

In the summer of 2016 Nathan built the first mobile modular golf performance studio and opened First Galena Golf Performance Studios. Today, Nathan continues to give golf instruction and club fittings in Galena, IL and is designing golf simulators and performance studios all over the country.